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UDC 2012 Photo/Video Album

Preserve your favorite memories from UDC 2012 in Tallahassee by viewing and contributing to the UDC 2012 photo/video album.
* To view the album, scroll down to the slideshow (below) or click on the  "Climates of Change" album cover (right)

* To contribute to the album:
1, and you'll be added as a collaborator (be patient, you'll need to be added manually)
2. You'll then receive an e-mail inviting you to view the UDC 2012 album. In that e-mail, click on the "Contribute photos to this album" link.  
3. On the album page, click the "add photos" button to upload pics/vids
4. If you have problems, please try this page first, then 

"The camera… on the one hand extends our comprehension of the necessities that rule our lives; on the other, it manages to assure us of an immense and unexpected field of action." 
- Walter Benjamin, 1930, World History of Photography by Naomi Rosenblum

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